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Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo
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It will teach your child to recognize an animal through its name, the way the animal looks, and the sound it makes.Children can also play with the animals on the variety of surfaces. The Zoo Talkers Fun Sounds Zoo is a detailed, interactive playset which brings animals to life in a special way.

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This interactive set recognizes model animals, like lion, gorilla, bear, names them out loud for children, and demonstrates the noises they make in the wild. A perfect playset for toddlers.

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Fun-Filled Environment 

Fisher-Price Animal Sounds Zoo           Fisher-Price Animal Sounds Zoo

Each animal to the red paw pad at the set's base to hear its name, and press it again to hear the sound it makes. Go down slides, tilt off teeter-totters, swing on the canopy swing, or pop through the peek-a-boo in a mobile terrain filled with surprises. There are also more sounds to discover, including the squeaking nest on the polar bridge, the lily pad that activates the hippo, and the ticket booth where Zookeeper Zack makes announcements. You can even watch the animals on the included Discovering ZooTalkers DVD and decorate the set with the included stickers!

This set requires adult assembly, as some of the pieces screw into place. Our testers were pleased that most of the set was able to easily snap in place, and with the included directions, the process was straightforward and clear. The set even comes with a handle on top so you can transport it around later with ease.

Child get to know all about the animals and their sounds with the Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo. Built to look like a friendly zoo, this durable plastic play-set features a handy carrying handle that will help your child tote around a fun zoo habitat for their new animal pals. This play-set recognizes each of the animals when you place them in the hut, and it says their name aloud and shows your child what kind of sounds they make. This set recognizes dozens of animals, but only includes the gorilla, polar bear and lion. All the animals can be tucked neatly into the cave for storage or travel. Dimensions: 14W x 25D x 12H inches. Recommended ages 18 months-5 years.  


- Playset incorporates 4 habitats: grasslands, arctic, jungle and water

- Place any animal on the peg at the hut and it recognizes that specific animal and respond with that animal's name and the sound it makes

- Comes with lion, polar bear, gorilla figures and a Zookeeper Zack figure

About Fisher-Price:- 

As the most trusted name in quality toys, Fisher-Price has been helping to make childhood special for generations of kids. While they're still loved for their classics, their employees' talent, energy and ideas have helped them keep pace with the interests and needs of today's families. Now they add innovative learning toys, toys based on popular preschool characters, award-winning baby gear, and numerous licensed children's products to the list of Fisher-Price favorites. Zoo-themed playset with hours of wild-animal fun. Durable plastic body with slide and a swing. Playset says animal names and makes realistic sounds. Carrying handle and storage for all the animals. Dimensions: 14W x 25D x 12H inches. Recommended ages 18 months-5 years.

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