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Antique looking Love Mantel clock
from amazon

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Clock is removable there fore you will separate the clock whenever not needed. It gives the perfect present time.

Why to buy?
Love Mantel clock collection have a great design used at Home or office, Use on table, desktop, shelf, or Mantle. It's a Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Recommended for Relationship(s): Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, Teacher (Him)

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"Own a conversation piece,"
they say; make your home décor distinguishable and Personable. Bring in attention-grabbing pieces of art. Paint your walls a striking Grandma's Sweater* blue. Pick up one of our exquisite, collector's-quality mantel clocks.

Cast in quality designer resin then painstakingly adorned and painted by hand, these ornate pieces are bound to take center stage on your office desk, hallway buffet or bedroom mantel. Each clock is styled with sophistication and finesse. A modern, battery powered precision quartz movement is neatly nestled in the clock's rear cavity, hidden from plain view to give the clock an era-specific look.

While influenced by antique English design, do not mistake these for your great aunt's house clock of choice. Our mantel clocks are highly desirable and make for delightful gifts. Styled after modern everyday objects, they introduce old-world charm into even the most contemporary and minimalist environments.



Key Features Are:-

  1. Made of high-quality polyresin material, stands on a plastic wood stand
  2. Precision machine-carved, hand painted design, with a brown and gold finishing,
  3. The clock uses standard quartz movement and requires batteries,
  4. Clock is removable, so you can adjust the time and change batteries easily
  5. Dimensions approx. 29 x5 x 6 cm


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