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Playskool Explore N Grow Busy Ball Popper
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Designed for children ages nine months and up, the Busy Ball Popper will have your child popping the bright, colorful balls into a fun frenzy as they are air-popped out of the lower tube. The ball spinner/popper provides a fun sensorial experience, and includes fun, upbeat music to match the bright colorful characters.

Why to buy?
Get silly with poppin’, droppin’ colored balls! Pump the plunger and drop the balls onto the spiral track. This Ball Popper is a great put-and-take adventure for your infant or toddler.

Best fit for Relationships: Toddler

Best fit for Occasions: Christmas, New Year's or any Special Occasion

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Colorful Balls that Spin and Pop in the Air

B002B555QQ-1-sm.jpgThe Busy Ball Popper is a one-piece toy that's made up of a removable ball trough, tube, and tray. When your child presses down on the big-eyed mushroom character on the Ball Popper, the balls move up the tube and pop out of the top, falling back into the tray to start the process all over again.

The popper is made to withstand the rigors of your infant's play and can be easily cleaned with a damp towel. The plastic balls are large enough that you will not have to worry about them as choking hazards, but when your child is popping the balls, make sure to keep an eye out for balls as they can go off of the track occasionally. The popper also includes eight lively songs that start once you have pumped down the plunger to activate the ball-popping fan.

Keep in mind that although the Busy Ball Popper is made out of a strong, durable plastic, it is fairly heavy and should be kept on a flat surface while being played to avoid any damage to your furniture. The toy also shuts itself off after a short period of time, but it is recommended to always turn it off manually for battery conservation.







Great Sensorial, Put-and-take Work For Your Child

This ball popper is a great toy for infants gaining gross motor skills, or for toddlers who are ready to chase the balls around the house and dance to the upbeat music. It is visually appealing with its bright, colorful balls and characters, and you never know where the balls may land, making it an exciting and new adventure each time.

What's in the Box
Ball popper base, plastic ball tray and lower trough, and five plastic balls. (Batteries are not included.)


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