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Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop Computer
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This Dell 745 Optiplex Desktop Computer has a dual core processor which is a powerful processor, high performance memory, super fast hard drive, crystal clear video with ultra fast response time.

Why to buy?
The Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop provides the perfect blend of relevant technology that users demand and is designed for business and individuals that are focused on affordable pricing coupled with top-level performance.

Recommended for Relationship(s): Wife, Friend (Her), Daughter, Sister, Niece, Friend (Him), Husband, Brother, Son, Nephew, Graduate

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This Ultra Fast and Powerful Dell 745 Optiplex Desktop Computer is a later generation Optiplex series. The Optiplex platform is designed for business and individuals that are focused on affordable pricing coupled with top-level performance. This Dell 745 Optiplex Desktop Computer comes running an Intel 3.0 Pentium D Dual Core Processor, This is a powerful processor, 2GB of DDR2 High Performance Memory, Super Fast 160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, Crystal Clear Video with Ultra Fast response time.

Extremely Fast and quiet!, DVD/CDRW Ultra Speed Drive, Burn CD's, Integrated LAN with Wireless Capable Connection (Adapter Sold Separately). The Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop provides the perfect blend of relevant technology that users demand, all at a price that won't bust the budget. This model also comes with Windows XP Professional installed. Microsoft Window 7 Capable.

Features are:-

- Super Fast 3.0 Pentium D Dual Core x 2 Intel CPU, This Processor is an Intel top of the Line CPU

- 2GB DDR2 High Performance Super Fast Interlaced Ram Memory

- 160GB 7200RPM Super Fast Sata Hard Drive,

- DVD/CDRW, Write and record to CD's, Watch DVD Movies

- Exceptionally Fast and Powerful Computer which will last years. Original Purchase Price of $1399, Microsoft Window 7 Capable

Buyers Comments:-

Disagree with previous review
By rgon**

To the previous reviewer, you should have your IT person find out what's wrong with your installation. I bought a GX620 from this seller for my son mainly because it supports gamer video cards. But he's had no need to replace the onboard graphics so far. The computer has been completely reliable and fast. Of course he would never run honey pots like IE or Outlook but if they are slow on your box then it's probably something about your network, like launching apps or accessing personal data from an overburdened file server. Dell's business computers (including the GX620) may not be brick-solid but they are better made and more reliable than most consumer PCs.

Dell Optiplex 745
By Andr**
As I wrote to the seller, this is a great product. Came in on time and packaged well. All items came in as described only problem was that the included mouse did not work,and that the hard drive is a bit small, but not a problem, external hard drives are not that expensive now. Fast computer, but recommend upgrading the ram and video card to to give that little bit more speed. Great price.
very good desktop
By samu**
I bought this to replace my old real crappy computer. This was ten times better than i thought for almost a third of the price. The desktop is very upgradable. I believe you can upgrade to a quad core, and you can put low profile graphics cards. Also you can put 8 gb of ram, and most of the top games only recommend 4 some only even two. Alot of reviews on the enternet said that it was only 4gb of ram capable, but i looked at the specs on and it said it was capable for 8. The dell optiplex 745(desktop) has gaming potential but if your into gaming I recommend buying the mini tower version of the 745 which is about 40 bucks more and upgrading that if you want to game. Enternet browsing is the best, I have spotify, steam, and 4 to five tabs open on google chrome no problem. you can upgrade to windows 7 if you want, but thats at least another hundred unless you pirate it ( which I dont recommend). This is a great itunes computer, or just school computer. The only factor is that you could get a different computer than me i reccomend buying referbished rather than used because of busted batterie caps, and viruses. I hope this review was helpful, BUY THIS COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!
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