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Family Tree Picture Frame Bronze With 6 Hanging Pictures
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This lovely bronze family tree stands on a square base with intricately carved branches and leaves. Six charming picture frames can hang from the branches. It beautifully displays the precious family tree of life making it a treasured gift for parents or grandparents on their anniversaries.
- The tree convey the message that the family tree is blossoming in full bloom.
- It is especially crafted in bronze.
- Can hold upto 6 photo frames
- Additional frames are also available.
- The tree measures 20" high X 18" wide approximately.

Why to buy?
A family tree signifies growth in all aspects. Therefore, this serves as a thoughtful gift for everyone.

Best fit for Relationships: Family, Friends, Couples

Best fit for Occasions: Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Housewarming

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Some of the buyers commented:
By  carla***
I just got 3 of these trees for my family, to make family trees as holiday gifts for different family members, and I have to say they look better in person than I thought they would. So far only one of the trees had 1 to 2 leaves that were slightly discolored like copper along the edges, which I think looks totally fine. Each came with 6 frames, and I ordered several of the extra 4 piece frame sets too, hoping the tree won't look too cluttered with upto 12 frames hanging on it. The thing that I was pleasantly surprised about was that you can supposedly either use it on the stand as pictured or take the base off and hang it on the wall. I like this option considering I don't know what will work best for each of my family members to display it. I think it's a good size, big enough without being too huge. Plus the price is right! I was originally looking at a beautiful metal tree offered by Hallmark, where you can hang different size/shape frames on it, but it was at least twice the price, though the quality of the tree & frames were worth the price. But, this tree is very nice, the frames are all the same simple rectangular shape, which will make them easier to fill in the long run, and at a reasonable cost. I hope it holds up well too.
By  NLN***
I bought this as a gift and it exceeded my expectations. Here is some information not covered in the description:

- The tree is a matte black and the leaves are a shinier copper/bronze color.

- The tree can stand on a table of hang on a wall (by removing the base).

- I bought extra frames and have 19 frames hanging on the tree. It's definitely full, but not too crowded or overwhelming. There is space between each frame and you can still see the tree behind the frames.

- I shortened the ribbons on some of the frames so they all fit, but that was easy.

- I was able to gently bend some of the branches when I need to slightly reposition the hooks to make all the frames fit evenly. I wouldn't bend it a lot, but they do have some give.
Awesome gift for mom!
By Thom***
Great item at a great price. I bought it for my mother's birthday and she loved it. Best price I could find anywhere.
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