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Gift a Rainbow of flowers on Valentine's Day 2014

Comprehend the color and style of flowers and understand their language.
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Are you arranging to give flowers to your valentine— or are you actually hoping to receive flowers this Valentine’s Day??? As the V Day comes close by, men from all across the globe actually rush to pick up a beautiful bunch of flowers for the women they love! But, what's makes flowers so significant and important?

Well, flowers represent beauty, sexuality, and romance. It adds a smile on your face and makes you feel special. It makes you feel important and loved! However, it is essential to know the meaning that each flower holds! You will not only know about them but also understand the language they speak when you receive them. A rose is not just a rose; each rose has a different story and different color to it!

So, comprehend the color and style of flowers and understand their language; find out what his flowers actually mean to you!


As you would have thought, this classic flower is the most popular choice among lovers on Valentine's Day. It symbolizes romance and stands for love. Red is the symbol of love. Also, it’s a symbol that represents beauty. The subsequent statistics are adequate to illustrate the obsession of rose on the "love fest": 223 million roses were sold on 14 February, 2013 especially for the occasion of Valentine's Day. Owing to this irrational soaring demand, it also becomes the most costly flower on February 14th. Roses are available in various colors and each color has a story behind it.

Red: Romantic Love

Pink: Refinement, Sign of high esteem and appreciation.

Yellow: Joy

Orange: Passion, Desire, Excitement

Lavender: Enchantment; Love at first sight

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Gerbera Daisies

Daisies represent purity, beauty and virtuousness. The Gerbera flowers hold an added significance of "exuberance" due to its big flower head.

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Tulips are an emblem of ideal love. They are very popular around the world and are generally linked with Netherlands as they thrived there during the 17th century. These affordable and classic buds communicate warmth and comfort, and are a perfect pick for this Valentine’s Day.

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Peruvian lilies

Lilies with their long-lasting petals express the message of devotion and friendship. They're indigenous to South America but now-a-days can be easily found in almost all the parts of the world during Valentine's Day.

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Casa Blanca Lilies

Casa Blanca Lilies are different and oriental in nature. Classically, they symbolize style and beauty. However, they are slightly expensive when compared to some of the other flowers.

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Orchids are rare and unique. They represent strength, beauty, love and luxury. In addition to this, they communicate a message of striking seduction. Orchids can hold themselves for a longer time in comparison to other sensitive flowers.

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Carnations signify the message of new fascination and love. These splendid and joyful blossoms are reasonably priced and energetic.

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Just like the sun, they symbolize kindness, innovation and cheerfulness. One additional meaning that they put across is faithfulness and loyalty.

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Irises are a sign of expectation and confidence but at a number of places they also specify royalty. To prepare a beautiful and striking bouquet of flowers, you can merge them up with red tulips or daisies.

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Overloaded with fragrance, Gardenias symbolizes purity and joy. They are beautiful and elegant flowers. As they are expensive and sold as separate blossoms, they certainly create a statement of being unique on the Valentine’s Day.

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So, be prepared and this 14th of February, convey your love through flowers and create a memorable Valentine’s Day.

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