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Big Bang Theory Atom Hoodie
from amazon

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It's a full-zip hoodie with an atom printed on the front, so when you unzip it, it's like you've gotten to split the atom. A creative and nice hoodie.

Why to buy?
This hoodie is made of quality cotton and designed to last! Perfect for any Big Bang Theory fan.

Recommended for Relationship(s): Boyfriend, Friend (Him), Brother, Son, Nephew

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Although this is an officially-licensed Big Bang Theory product, we can see this going over well with most any science geek. Now it might be the simplified version of the atom they teach us in high school chemistry, but let's face it. The thing your scanning electron microscope takes a picture of may be beautiful, but isn't as recognizable as this one. Or as easily screen printed.

White atom printed on a heathered green, 60% cotton / 40% polyester. Two white stripes on each sleeve. Full zip (white). Kangaroo pockets. Note: Please reference the table below to choose your size.


- 100% pre-shrunk cotton

- Zipper closure

- Machine wash

- Officially licensed

- Designed to survive your washer and dryer

Some of buyers commented:-
By Jason***


Great advice to get the next size up. I prefer snug fit and getting one size up provided the perfect fit for me. If you like you sweater loose or a little baggy get 2x up. Great feel to fabric, nice and light so usable well into spring when it warms up. Graphic looks good and picture is great representation
Good quality
By Daniel***
This was a gift request from a younger person for birthday. I was pleased with the quality of the hoodie and happy it was exactly what they wanted. Great gift!

Super warm and cuddly - and cool too

By Cythania***

It fits a bit on the small side but I read the reviews and sized accordingly. Definitely no wiggle room after all that.
Didn't realize that this would be such a conversation starter...lots of fans out there

Super soft and fuzzy inside. My favorite sweatshirt for hanging out

About Big bang theory

The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model for the early development of the Universe. According to the theory, the Big Bang occurred approximately 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years ago, which is thus considered the age of the universe.

At this time, the Universe was in an extremely hot and dense state and began expanding rapidly. After the initial expansion, the Universe cooled sufficiently to allow energy to be converted into various subatomic particles, including protons, neutrons, and electrons. Though simple atomic nuclei formed within the first three minutes after the Big Bang, thousands of years passed before the first electrically neutral atoms formed.


 The majority of atoms that were produced by the Big Bang are hydrogen, along with helium and traces of lithium. Giant clouds of these primordial elements later coalesced through gravity to form stars and galaxies, and the heavier elements were synthesized either within stars or during supernovae.

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