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Heartstone By Bill Stross
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Heartstone By Bill Stross "God Bless Our Home" Jar Candleholder. Elegant and delicately designed by Bill Stross. Holds 1 Tea Light Candle. Perfect for both indoor or outdoor lighting decoration. A romantic addition to your dinner table or outdoor patio.

Why to buy?
"God Bless Our Home" Jar Candleholder signifies artist-driven gift and home decor that can lift the spirit and help people connect in meaningful ways. A perfect gift idea.

Best fit for Relationships: Best for Family and Friends

Best fit for Occasions: Christmas, New Year's or Any Special Occasion

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Key Features are:-

o    Elegant and delicately designed by Bill Stross.

o    Holds 1 Tea Light Candle.

o    Perfect for both indoor or outdoor lighting decoration.

o    A romantic addition to your dinner table or outdoor patio.

o    Measures 5" wide x 5" high.

o    Comes in a presentable gift box.



Since 1997, DEMDACO has been devoted to the mission of lifting the spirit through home décor and gift products. We believe in products that make an emotional connection with the person who purchases it or with the recipient of the thoughtful gift. We are dedicated to sharing products that are innovative, inspiring, and of exceptional quality that tell—and create—a story. With these products, DEMDACO strives to help people connect with themselves, and with each other.

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     DEMDACO understands this connection. Our products are stylish and unique pieces that are used to entertain, to celebrate an occasion, to comfort a child, to delight a friend, to create a memory. We are blessed to work with talented, creative artists who are passionate about giving their creations a personal touch. They are visionaries who improve the lives around them by sharing their gift. And like us, they care deeply for what they create and strive for excellence.

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