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Fetco Home Decor Kiera 6 Wall Collage
from amazon

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A beautiful Kiera collage with wall-tuscan bronze. It's a 6 opening wall collage and a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Why to buy?
Its sturdy, requires no assembly, looks really elegant and is great wall decor. Great quality and a decorative picture frame!! Just what you were looking for? Go for this decorative and attractive picture frame.

Best fit for Relationships: Family and Friends

Best fit for Occasions: Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day or Any Special Occasion

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Some of the buyers commented:

Well made

This frame is quite large and very solid. The leaves aren't just an afterthought and are thicker than I would have expected for the price. I especially love the backs of the photos. It has the standard black velvet backing, but instead of the metal bits holding in the pictures, you just pull on a tab and the backing slides out. I like that a lot better than a bunch of metal clamps. I think it allows the pictures to fit more securely. All in all, I am very impressed with this picture frame. It's beautiful and very good quality!
This item arrived in A+ condition. It seems sturdy, required no assembly, looks really elegant, and fits my wall well!
Wall Picture Frame

I knew I could find what I wanted on Amazon. Planning to buy one of the two picture frames for another room in the house.

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