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N-Strike Maverick
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Nerf presents your energy-charged trooper with this exciting gun that is sure to pump some adrenaline into his play time. The gun is equipped with barrels that rotate after each dart is shot through, enabling quick firing of a maximum of six darts at a time.

Why to buy?
This totally cool blaster is awesome for quick loading and rapid firing. Sharpen your skills and achieve battle superiority with a quick-firing rotating barrel. A perfect gift for teenage boys.

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This awesome Maverick Rev-6 Blaster is your go-to "weapon" for quick loading and rapid firing! You'll be victorious on the battlefield with this special value pack because it includes a blaster with 12 Whistler Darts — twice as many darts as the standard package! Open the quick-firing, rotating barrel and load six Whistler Darts. Then slide, lock and load your way to N-Strike victory!

NERF NStrike Maverick Rev-6 Blaster:

o   Flips open for easy loading

o   Blaster comes with 12 Whistler Darts and instruction

Age End:

and up

Age Start:

6 Years

Battery Type:

Does Not Contain a Battery

Multi Pack Indicator:


Model No.:


Shipping Weight (in pounds):


Product in Inches (L x W x H):

2.99 x 12.24 x 9.02

Some of the staisfied buyer commented:-

The Mainstay Of Modern Nerf Guns

By William H***

Nerf's N-Strike Maverick is straightforward no-frills dart gun fun. With no batteries or electronics, right out of the box you or your child can look through the instruction sheet in about 30 seconds, load the darts in about 30 seconds, and you're ready for serious Nerf combat fun.

The Maverick is a sheep in wolf's clothing, visually. Size-wise, it's intimidatingly large, enough so to give the impression that a child would have difficulty lifting it, but the plastic is lightweight, and the handle is modestly sized for hands of all ages. The Maverick is actually among the smaller Nerf dart guns currently in production, so while it's not exactly "portable", it is more reasonably sized (and priced) than models with similar features. Despite the apparent complexity of the design, operation is limited to a quick and simple load, cock, and fire.

Loading is similar to an actual revolver gun, utilizing a flip-open rotating six-barrel. It can take a little practice, as you must ensure each of the six darts is seated fully into each barrel, and then make sure the barrel is locked securely back into place once you're done. But from there it's a pull on the slide loader and you're ready to go. This is a single-action gun, meaning you must cock the slide for each shot - Nerf does not currently make any semi- or fully-automatic dart guns, so it's equal to all other Nerf guns in this respect (making each shot have to count makes for a more accurate shooter!).

Firing produces a muted air-gun sound (despite the non-airgun spring mechanism) as the dart rockets away at a pretty remarkable velocity and distance for a dart gun. Nerf's claims of 30+ feet aren't at all overblown, the Maverick is actually powerful enough for big-yard outdoor play.

How to make it so you can give it 5 stars.

A Kid'***

O.k, first off, I would have given this gun 4 stars, but then one day I decided I needed to buy more bullets, probably because I didn't have enough darts for all my guns. I bought some Sonic Micro Darts to try out with my Maverick. The first thing I noticed was they looked cooler in the barrel of my Maverick. But it get's better. I fired and it flew far. Really far. At least 3 FEET FARTHER!
Plus they whistle, so it sounds like bullets are whizzing over your head. With the Sonic Micro darts, the Maverick is top notch. Also, you can modify it even if you think your bad at doing stuff like that. There's 2 little plastic pieces to cut off, and then the barrel comes out all the way, which makes reloading faster. I dont have any problems with this gun, except for somtimes the barrel can't spin because a dart is sticking up. Just push it down.

Remember, I gave it 5 stars BECAUSE I'm using Nerf Sonic Micro Darts not normal micro darts. Without Sonic Micros, the range is bad.

This was reviewed by an 11 year old. Please put this in your mind when reading my review, and a parents review.


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