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Propose with a Ring on Valentine's Day 2014

Are you really "In Love" and would like to spend your life with that special someone?
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Are you really "In Love" and would like to spend your life with that special someone? Well, the thing that women want the most out of their special relationship is love and romance. The fire of love that keeps on glowing has to be formally lit on the day you propose and it should definitely be a memorable one. Women, generally, are flattered when they are the center of attention. They love it when the entire world comes to know that someone has chosen them as their lifelong mate.

To propose to your special someone is not a very easy task. Women adore and love candles! You can light some scented candles and place the ring in a box near them. When she opens the box, and you tell her that she is the one for you….that moment itself will send shivers of love and affection and make it a beautiful day to remember! Valentine's Day is all about love, it is the day to celebrate love and romance, and if you are willing to take chances there can be no other day! So, pull up your socks, and express your love by proposing her on this Valentine’s Day 2014.

The engagement ring that you present will symbolize your love and will stay with for a lifetime. So, it is very important to get the right one. It’s very essential to make sure to buy the correct one and there are certain points to consider when you decide on buying the engagement ring. We at Giftfantasia will help you pick up the correct ring and also provide you with variety of options!

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You need a realistic budget and it’s really important that you stick to it. The engagement ring is something for life and you need to think about a budget. You actually can’t go overboard but keep in mind that it is a lifelong commitment. You would want your girl friend to really love it. Get the best you can for your budget and treasure it for a lifetime.


The setting of the ring will relate very intimately to your lifestyle. On a general note, rings which has a flush or bezel setting are extra safe and does not catch easily on clothes. The ones with prong setting lets out additional light to reflect from all the angles which makes the diamond sparkle more! At this juncture, the choice is really yours. You have to decide the one which suits you; the look or the comfort!


The style of the ring is absolutely at your disposal; it is a personal choice but I do have some simple tips that you can follow and keep in mind. If you have short fingers, avoid wide band rings. While wearing a ring or while buying a ring, always ensure that the size of the ring is proportional to your hand. If you have large hands, a small delicate ring will emphasize the size of your hands and suit you.

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Choosing an engagement ring is not a very big deal, if you are sure about what you are looking for and what you want. Getting it precise is necessary as you'll in no way have another one. The challenge is a definitely not easy, it’s a big one. But one has to remember that the best things in life are never easy, you have to strive for it! The only powerful weapon in your armory right now is romance and dollops of romance!! It will help you win life's biggest battle. Woo her with your passionate and romantic streak and half the battle is already won. Do it in a stylish way and who knows she might be planning the wedding trousseau.

Proposing on Valentine's Day is an idea that your girlfriend is sure to love. If you have the right environment and setting, it will definitely be very romantic and incredible. You will definitely tell your grandchildren about it someday. Happy proposing!!

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