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Santas Secret Elf Boy and Girl Set
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Santa's Elves have worked so hard this year making toys that Santa has decided to send the hardest working elves to a child's home for the holidays! Elves are known to be tons of fun and to be a bit mischevious, so get ready for years of memorable experiences!'

Why to buy?
11" Santa's Secret Elves are on a secret mission for Santa. Celebrate the holiday season with these cute impish elves. A perfect gift for this christmas.

Best fit for Relationships: Best for Family and Friends

Best fit for Occasions: Christmas, New Year's or Any Special Occasion

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Some of the buyers commented:-

Awesome Christmas Tradition

By Snailboat***

I bought two of these for my girls (aged 2 and 4) and started a game where the elves "sleep" during the day but then "wake up" at night when everyone is sleeping and causes mischief. In the morning the girls woke up to a small elf mess and found the elves in silly "hiding" places such as upside down in a shoe or poking out of a drawer. They had to pick up the tiny mess and find a surprise the elves left for making such a mess. It was a piece of candy or a small toy. They LOVED doing this throughout all of December and it made waiting for Christmas super fun! These things have been "re-visiting" our home every year for the past 2 years now! The girls never get tired of it!

I love it

By Jessica***

I got a great deal for the. Oey. My children absolutely loved these Eli's. More cost effective than elf on a shelf an not as scary looking according o my children

Great for Elf on the Shelf

By TwinMama***

We wanted a boy and a girl Elf on the Shelf and to buy two of the "kits" just wasn't economical for us. And honestly the ones that come in the kits are a little creepy. This solved our dilemma perfectly. These are just so cute and cuddly and our children are able to participate in the tradition and have had so much fun with their elves. The did ask why their elves were different than their friends and I just explained that just like every child is special and different, every one of Santa's Elf's is as well. Worked great!!

We Are Santa's Elves!

By B. Colonna***

If you are in the market for an "elf on the shelf" or Santa's "secret elves", this pair made by Fiesta is a great buy. They do not come with any Elf On The Shelf story, so if you are looking for that experience, you may want to go with the product that is accompanied by a book.

These two elves are adorable though. They are plush and are both just shy of a foot from top to bottom. They are NOT pose-able, however, like any plush toy, may be propped up against other items to "stand." They are also stuffed well enough to "sit" on their own.

You get two elves in the set, a girl and a boy. They have nice detail and are soft and cuddly if used as a toy. They are soft and do not have any real small parts on them. Each has a jacket which is removable, and closes in the back with Velcro.

We do not use our elves as toys since they are magic.

They appear around Christmas time, right around when we begin to set up our decorations. Their job is to watch our children and report back to Santa. They may not be touched, as this prevents their "magic", which is that they become animated at night while everyone sleeps. They tend to get into all sorts of mischief, from going into the cupboard for snacks or sugar (to make their favorite drink, sugar water), to leaving notes for our youngest, to watching TV and playing video games, and some times , alas, they "TP" some of the rooms in the house. After Christmas, the elves return to the North Pole.

The price for these elves can range greatly, particularly during the height of the Christmas season. We got two so we'd have a boy and a girl, and two elves can help each other get into mischief that maybe one elf cannot alone. The price for two was only about $5 more than one elf.


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