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Sing Along CD Player
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CD player with 45-second anti-skip protection, an LCD display, a high output speaker, headphone jacks, a built-in pocket on the back to hold one CD, and 2 microphones for sing-along fun.

Why to buy?
Give your kids a musical gift, they will enjoy singing with this.

Recommended for Relationship(s): Daughter, Sister, Niece, Brother, Son, Nephew

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With 45-second anti-skip protection, an LCD display, a high output speaker, headphone jacks, a built-in pocket on the back to hold one CD, and 2 microphones for sing-along fun. Size 9 1/2" W. x 3 1/2" D. x 10" H. Uses 4 "C" batteries (not incl.) Ages 3 yrs. +.

Key Features Are:-

  1. CD player with 45-second anti-skip protection, an LCD display, a high output speaker, headphone jacks, a built-in pocket on the back to hold one CD, and 2 microphones for sing-along fun
  2. Size 9 1/2" W. x 3 1/2" D. x 10" H.
  3. Uses 4 "C" batteries (not incl.)
  4. Ages 3 yrs. +.

Some the buyers commented:-

By busymama ****

We've had this cd player for a year with two young children (now ages 2 and 4), and it's held up great. We've even packed it (carefully) in suitcases to take on plane rides, and it's still going with no trouble. I like the "hold" switch in the back which basically shuts down the button operation so that no matter how much the kids press the buttons, it won't respond (so it keeps on playing just as I had intended when I first hit play). Of course, you can flip off the hold switch and let the kids do as they wish. The microphones are fun, but the cords are a little short so they give feedback until the child figures out that they need to walk a little further away from the cd player (which they can, but my kids don't generally do so). We mostly use it just as a cd player for now and don't use the microphones all that much yet. Also, you will definitely need an ac adaptor as it eats batteries. We got one at Radio Shack (bring the cd player with you as they'll need to see it to get the exact right adaptor for it.....there are more choices than you'd realize). Overall, we're quite pleased with this and actually looking to buy a second one.

By Linda S. ****

I have a just turned 3, very active, music loving, little boy. I just received the cd player a week ago. The quality is superior. The sound is better than some of my cd players! Very sturdy and well made. They seemed to have covered all aspects for toddler-preschooler usage. My son was anxious to "do everything himself"...I showed him the stop and play buttons, the power button, and the volume. He is able to pretty well manage all of those. I haven't had to use the "hold" button (which is nice to "Lock" all the buttons in place). He has taken care of it pretty well so far. He loves the microphone, and the 2nd one I can sing along with him. It makes a great family activity. I'd like to purchase some sing along cd's with books to follow along and I think that is pretty educational!!! I have big plans for this cd player. I bought it straight from and paid about $6 more. They were out of it here. It's a bit over priced...but for the few extra dollars, I definitely give this a 2 thumbs up. I did extensive research before my purchase on all the kid cd players. I think I did well.

By Mom of  ****

We just got this unit as a gift and I'm amazed to find there are no reviews online anywhere! It seems to work pretty well so far but our biggest complaint is the loudness of the microphones. It's pretty easy for my kids to drown out the music with their singing, so then the music gets turned up louder and the racket begins. There's a built-in volume limiter on the CD player itself, which is nice, but I just wish we could control the microphones. Of course, we're talking about a 5- and 2-year-old, so there's some issues with controlling noise already, but still, they're the age the toy is designed for. The unit also can't function at all without the ESP activated - skips and stops - so I'm sure that will eat up the batteries. I'll be looking to buy an AC adapter. I'll be curious to hear what others think, because there are not many things like this out there that have the two microphones - a must for us!

By Gina M. ****

What a lovely music player for kids! There are toys on the market that don't perform half as well, and some cost twice as much as this. Here is a player that will do the job nicely because it is a REAL player, not just a toy, but it is strong and sturdy and colorful and bright, so it catches and keeps the child's attention, all the while teaching him or her about music, audio storybooks, and so on. What I like about this is that you can never teach a child too early in life how to respect electronics equipment, and with this player Mommy and Daddy's equipment is more safe; first the child will have their own version of the grown-up player, but more importantly by the time they graduate to more grown-up players themselves, they will have respect for the buttons and knobs and whatnot.

By C. ****

This is a big hit from Christmas! My kids (4 & 2) love to dance and sing...and now they can sing with their favorite music! Even mom enjoys playing with this toy! It is very sturdy and seemingly easy to use. My 2 year old can even rough it up a bit...and it still works! (not that I recommend that) When you put your fave CD in, if you don't hear anything, make sure to turn up the volume as it resets everytime a new disc is put in. Very cool toy! LOVE IT!

By LPL Mo ****

My daughter LOVES singing and music, so for her 2nd birthday, I bought her this CD player. At the time, there were not too many reviews and they were very hit or miss, but really there is not much of market for children's toy radios with microphones so I took a chance and I am glad I did. It's been 6 months now and she really enjoys it. It has held up well to rough handling by a 2 year old as well as her constantly sticking the microphone in her mouth with the "aaaaaaaaaahhhhh" as another reviewer mentioned. I haven't bought an AC adapter yet and agree it would be nice, but my daughter likes to move around and dance with it so I'm not sure it would work for her, but truthfully the first set of batteries held up well and I'm now on my second set of batteries after 6 months. The only things that I think could be improved about this is that: 1) the volume can be a little wonky. You have to set the volume up very high, like over 20, to really hear it. The lower volume numbers are ridiculously low. Also, the microphone seems to have MUCH a louder volume as compared to the music no matter what. 2) The microphone coil is pretty short (which might make sense for safety reasons, but it is not unusual to hear that screeching noise due to microphone interference. Obviously, I would prefer microphone interference to a strangulation hazard, but if they can't make the coil longer, then I think they need to address the microphone interference. 3) while I really like the hold function which prevents the child from constantly rewinding, fast forwarding, stopping, etc. while the music is playing, it has a drawback, which is that the child CAN open the cd player while the hold button.


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