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Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Music lovers!

Bose headsets and headphones deliver very high quality audio performance and a comfortable fit in a variety of designs.
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Bose headsets and headphones deliver very high quality audio performance and a comfortable fit in a variety of designs. We present you with the Top 5 Headsets and headphones from Bose. thwy will make excellent Birthday gifts for Music lovers. People of all ages enjoy listening to music, and having a great headset enhances the experience! So, enjoy the tune and have fun picking up the headsets for your loved ones.



Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Quiet Comfort 15s look identical to the Quiet Comfort 2s, with the same over-the-ear design, including earcups that swivel and fold flat to fit in a stylish case. Bose has redesigned the case so that it's easier to plop the headphones in it and close it up.





Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones 

The ideal way to experience Bose sound wireless; because of their around-ear fit you can listen comfortably for hours. Bose quality sound brings your entertainment to life on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod

- Bluetooth technology provides wireless freedom

- Design and placement of controls allow you to easily operate certain iOS device functions directly from your headphones.

The design and placement of controls allow you to easily operate certain functions of the iPad directly from your headphones.







Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset

It features an enhanced acoustic design, in concert with a proprietary Bose TriPort acoustic headphone structure. Music sounds smoother and more natural, with impressive low note performance. Your calls will sound clearer, too, with the added benefit of hearing them in "stereo" instead of through a single earpiece.





Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphone

The best noise cancellation circuitry on the market. Rich bass response and crisp highs. Comfortable, secure fit. It works in passive mode.

- Active noise cancellation, with 16-hour battery life

- Hands-free remote, with microUSB charge port

The QuietComfort 20i fundamentally perform much like any other ANC headphones. They use inbuilt microphones that sit in the earbuds themselves, behind an outer grille.




Bose AE2 audio headphones

The fold-flat design and carry bag provide for easier storage and transport.The Bose AE2 brings comfortable fit to a headphone pair that skips noise cancellation in favor of audio performance.

- Audio Headset: Single-Entry Cord

- Sound Enhancements: Stereo Sound

An adjustable, cushioned headband distributes weight evenly across the top of your head. Together, they help provide hours of comfortable listening. So, let your music take you away.

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