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Top 5 Perfect Gifts for a Little Fashionista

Great Gift Ideas for the Fashion Diva or Fashionista on your gift list.
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Fashion Accessories make a Great Gift Idea for the Fashion Diva or Fashionista on your gift list. So, do you have a little fashionista at your home? Whether it's your daughter, niece, granddaughter or a family friend; the probability is that there is a little fashionista in your life. Little girls love to dress up, play and hold fashion shows and also design clothes. They admire make-up and want their nails to look just like yours!! Well, the list I have here is for all the cute little bundle of joys that are fashion conscious and love to pick up their own stuff. This article is dedicated to all the little princesses around and we have picked up the Top gifts for a little Fashionista.

The gift ideas for girls who are a little Fashionista includes fashion stuff together with fashion portfolios, DIY fashion craft kits, fashion dolls and toys that most of the little fashionistas will love to own.

Barbie Fashionista Ultimate Closet

This ultra modern cabinet with great pink doors also doubles as a fashionable carrying case. To make the cabinet organized and faultless, the cabinet consists of compartments and hangers for easy storage space and never-ending fashion play moments. Barbie doll is the eventual fashion icon, and this ultimate closet is required to hold all her clothes! Little girls will love playing with this along with their friends. So, be ready for a voguish adventure.

Barbie Fashionista Ultimate Closet
$26.99  $25.98 Buy Now!

Cosmetic Set

A perfect gift for all fashion loving girls! The cosmetic sets generally include all items required for dressing up and make up. Most of the set has a mirror, eye shadow, powder, nail polish, lipstick and makeup brushes in an adorable cosmetic bag. It is a perfect play set for little angels and also encourages social skills. It is like the little girl's first beauty kit! Soft and stylish, these kit includes fun play accessories for the Fashionista.

Disney Princess Hair Accessory Tote
$16.99  $15.29 Buy Now!
Pinky Cosmetic Set
$35.99  $29.95 Buy Now!
My First Beauty Bag
$19.99 Buy Now!

DIY Fashion Crafts

If your little fashionista loves craft activities, she will definitely love a fashion-themed craft activity. Always remember that most of these DIY crafts require adult assistance. Well, some are very child friendly kits and are easy for little girls to do on their own. If you want them to do something on their own, avoid purchasing string and bead projects. So, let the girls be artistic, show their persona and build great fashionista memories.

The Orb Factory Stick'n Style Sparkle Bands
$16.99  $13.97 Buy Now!
ALEX Toys - Do-it-Yourself Wear! So Many Headbands
$29.99  $22.74 Buy Now!
Hello Kitty Whirl 'n Wear Spin 'n Style Headband Maker
$24.99  $13.64 Buy Now!
ALEX Toys - Do-it-Yourself Wear! Friends 4 Ever
$27.95  $19.12 Buy Now!

Love for Nail craft

For the ultimate fashionista girly girl, a nail polish set is the perfect gift. Get a set like the one below and simple activity like painting nails can become a fun activity.

Ultimate Nail Studio Kit
$31.49 Buy Now!

Girls Accessories

Be it bracelets, flashy jewelry or a big blingy hair accessory, Fashionista love it all. They are trendy abd stylish for little girls. Get your fashionista an accessory, a cupcake ring or a jewelry box. Pick up simple jewelry for girls as they look classy and she can also use them when she gets older.

Girls' Fashion Shoot - Nintendo 3DS
$29.99 Buy Now!
Rhode Island Novelty Mini Cupcake Rings (36 pc)
$19.99  $8.49 Buy Now!
Hello Kitty Silver Tone Crystal Charm Bracelet
$49.99  $14.99 Buy Now!
Head Shaped Pendant Charm Necklace Chain
$29.99  $0.95 Buy Now!



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