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24 Valentine Card Assortment By Punch Studio
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A beautifully designed Valentine's Day cards are perfect decorative arts collection. The artwork reflects a bygone era of beauty and splendor.

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A Valentine's day gift card assortment with 24 unique designs is perfect gift to dedicate your love.

Recommended for Relationship(s): Girlfriend, Friend (Her), Daughter, Sister, Niece, Girl Child, Boyfriend, Friend (Him), Brother, Son, Nephew, Boy Child

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- Punch Studio.

- Valentine's Day Gift Card Assortment, 24 Unique Designs.

- Unique Die-Cut Note Cards, each card with its own shape. Blank Interiors. 

- Pink Filigree-Decorated Envelopes, 3.75 x 5.25".

- These beautifully designed Valentine's Day cards were created using rare ephemera from the Kirschner Decorative Arts Collection.

- Ephemera is a term for everyday paper documents printed for temporary use such as postcards, product labels, calendars, tickets and greeting cards.

 - Although most pieces of early ephemera were intended to be discarded, many of the surviving antique images are now quite precious and have become highly collectible.

-  Dating back to almost a century ago, the artwork reflects a bygone era of beauty and splendor.

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