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Valentine's Day 2014: Gift Ideas for your Colleagues

Valentine's Day is just another opportunity during the year to bring smiles to all the lovely faces around you.
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Gifting gifts to your co-workers and colleagues can actually be a tricky task. Valentine’s Day is normally considered as a day to present gifts to your beloved ones. On a general level, Valentine’s Day gift can be given only for romantic purpose. However, you can give gifts to your colleagues and associates to express your friendship and appreciation for them.

You may not know them too personally, but sitting beside them for the whole day is like knowing them, isn’t it? While gifting to your near and dear ones is something that you love to do, you have to be careful while giving a gift to your colleague unless you want to express you love and want it to be a gift of love to remember and cherish. It’s pretty common these days to gift your colleagues also. Well, if you do not know someone very well, stick with the safe bets. A gift basket is perfect on such an occasion. Consider a wine or a coffee gift basket, may be chocolates, or a fruit basket is also not a bad idea!!

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If your colleague is fond of collecting vintage items, or is fond of sports, you can gift him something related to it and I’m sure that he will really appreciate it. The perfect thing about vintage items and collectibles is that they are decorative, useful and can be cherished for a lifetime. You can also inspire your co-workers with inspirational paintings or art. You can think out out-of-the-box items if he/she likes to have something rare. A telescope, outstanding beer glasses or may be home décor items!! You can try candy boxes, desk accessories, a nice flowering plant to keep on the desk and the list continues….. Anything that expresses your friendship will make a great gift. But, always keep in mind the motive behind giving a particular gift to a colleague. You would not want them to misunderstand you, unless you want them too.

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Valentine's Day is just another opportunity during the year to bring smiles to all the lovely faces around you. Since, we tend to spend so much of our time at the office; celebrating Valentine's Day at work is ideal ways to boost up spirits and also to enjoy the beautiful day with people you share your workspace with. So, Happy Valentine’s Day, cherish the day and have a great year.

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