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Greeting Card with Rose Bouquet
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A rich combination of paper engineering, pop-ups, embellishments, and fun and fanciful designs.

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Wonderful Valentine's Day gift that will let the someone special in your life know how much you love them.

Recommended for Relationship(s): Girlfriend, Friend (Her), Boyfriend, Friend (Him)

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Features a rich combination of paper engineering, pop-ups, embellishments, and fun and fanciful designs. Includes moveable components with pull tabs on every 4" x 9" card.


- Pop-Up Panoramics Greeting Card - Rose Bouquet (A-039)

- Message Tags Include: Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, One Blank Tag.


 - Size: 4" x 9"

About Up with Paper

Up With Paper is best known for its innovative, three-dimensional greeting cards, which have been "wowing" senders and recipients alike for more than 30 years with intricate designs, premium artwork, and unexpected pop-ups. The company’s greeting cards, available for all seasons and sending occasions, may be purchased in thousands of specialty retail outlets throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide.

Up With Paper began in 1977 as PopShots, Inc., which was one of the first companies to turn paper engineering into a miniature art form. Beginning with just six original designs, the company developed pop-up greeting cards so ingenious and inventive that they grabbed the attention of greeting card fans around the world. Ever since, the company has been raising the expectations of consumers and retailers alike, for intricate designs, unique techniques, and for the magic that makes each card a collectible. The company has been recognized for developing some of the most outstanding greeting cards, winning more than 45 of the International Greeting Card Association’s coveted LOUIE Awards honoring design excellence, including the 2004


"Card of the Year" award for a card from the company's Tres Panache line. Today, under new management and as a member of the C.M. Paula family of companies, but utilizing the same magic combination of intricate paper engineering and premium designs, Up with Paper produces innovative greeting cards, gift enclosures, imprintable stationery, and other three dimensional paper products that are collected by people all over the world. 

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